Bad Weekends

So I went dancing Saturday night, had a great time… until I went to the parking lot around the corner and found out my truck had been broken into and my purse, which I thought I secreted away properly, was gone. I called the police and then my credit card companies and then waited for nearly two hours for the police to NOT show up (they said they were busy); I was freezing and went home. (They said I can file a report to-morrow). The thief used one of my cards a few times, and tried to even use it AFTER it had been cancelled.

When I spoke with the dispatcher (she called back almost two hours after my initial call), I was left with the impression that this wouldn’t be high priority for them. I took the licences of all the cars in the lot, spoke with several owners of the cars when they returned to them, taped the window when I got home… Monday I am looking at calls to the insurance company, the police, scheduling my window getting replaced… what a damn mess. The purse was a gift from someone – I don’t have another, but luckily my licence was in my pocket. I have a new job interview on Wednesday… ugh. I was so wound up and upset I didn’t get to bed until about 5 AM.

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