The Void Chronicles

I just completed the first draft of book one in the Void Chronicles; currently it is 79,121 words and will probably grow slightly during editing.

It’s a fantasy story with erotic and adult themes and follows the journey of Julianna Foss as she becomes immersed in the world of the hero, Tristan Roarke. That’s all I’ll say for now about that. =)

I try to write more than just erotica, as I hope my readers know by now. I want to tell a story but as an adult I enjoy erotic story lines and a sensual environment. Just like The Liliana Batchelor series shows Lily evolving as a person and the Sine Qua Non cycle deals with a murder mystery and how Abby deals with sudden fame, The Void Chronicles has our heroine Julianna faced with a choice and shows how she rises to meet the challenge in a difficult environment.

I’ll now be working on book five in the Liliana Batchelor series whilst I edit book one of the Void Chronicles. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll check in again!

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