So I recently accepted a full time contract position with a small(ish) local (computer) game company as a testing co-ordinator. Up to this point, my commitments had been part time, which has allowed for a lot more time writing. This full time commitment (starts Dec 2), will mean I have less opportunity during the day to write but I still will be writing!

I am hurriedly trying to get rough drafts (if nothing else), down of “Step in to the Light”, the Void Chronicles and a vampire book (most likely standalone and not a series), down because it is far easier to pick up editing than it is to write. Currently I can arrange for a fairly large chunk of time to be free so I can write (which is the nicest situation), but with full-time work that is going to be a little more difficult – editing a book that is already (mostly) written is something that can be done in smaller time chunks without any negative effects.

I am a little concerned because since I changed my website to use a new spam-blocking tool I haven’t seen comments so please take a moment to check in and help me verify that real people can get through. =) If you can’t, email me at: holly (at) hollyblackstone.com and I will see what I can do to fix the problem!

Hope everyone is excited for the holidays – I am! – and that life has been kind to you lately.

Warm regards and wishes,


P.S. I received a nice review from someone on Goodreads – three star review because it was a little difficult to initially get into the format (3rd person), but she got hooked she said and loved it and read all the rest of the books! She was kind enough to post props on an Alpha male book thread on Goodreads, which I appreciate. Thank you to all my readers who have done things like that – spoken to friends, reviewed my books on Amazon or elsewhere. It means a great deal. Thank you!


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