Sine Qua Non Cycle

Right now I am writing book two of the Sine Qua Non Cycle and doing a little revision of book one, “And Laugh at Digital Butterflies”. (Taking out the archaic to-day, fixing some formatting).

I really enjoy the sexual awakening aspects of this tale and others – the excitement of trying something new with an adventurous partner, the anticipation, the curiosity, even the apprehension. I really enjoy the powerful CEO (Stuart and Dyson), or warrior, (Tristan), as the hero, I love that archetype of the powerful man.

It’s also fun building new worlds; as much as I love the Pacific Northwest and enjoyed writing Lily and Stuart’s story in my contemporary setting, moving forward, creating a futuristic world where virtual reality and space stations exist was amazing. Trying to make a ‘history’ when there’s no history there, (like the crash of the Splendor, the Indentured Servitude Act, etc), is a challenge. Thirty years ago, who could have imagined cell phones and the net as they are today? Trying to come up with something that is futuristic but not too off the hook lends the story a more authentic feel I believe, and I’ve tried to do that with this series.

If you haven’t read it, I hope you’ll give it a try!

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2 thoughts on “Sine Qua Non Cycle”

  1. i just got done finish reading Laugh on Digital Butterflies and LOOOOOOve it can’t wait for the 2nd story any news of a release date? thanks for the Lilly and Stuart series i reread them twice and now hooked on Abigail and Dyson so keep on writing and good luck with yoga

    1. Thanks, Mandy! I’m working on the sequel to Digital Butterflies now. I’m probably about 1/3 done…? Life has intervened, regrettably! I’ll post on here/Twitter as I get closer. Unfortunately I don’t make enough writing for this to be my full time job (yet! =) so sometimes it gets pushed aside.

      Thanks for coming by and commenting! I love hearing that people love my characters. =)

      Take care,

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